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Located just north of Barrie Ontario in the not so quiet Severed Township lives a place of unspeakable fears. The Scream Shack is a Haunted Attraction unlike any other in Canada. Our outdoor event has been designed with your fears in mind as we do not believe in conga lines and painted black walls. We strive to create an intimate and engaging experience in the exploration of terror. Using movie quality props and scenery combined with the forest setting of our attractions. We have created a world of its own and once you are in you may never find your way back out.

So you want to get scared this October. Here at the Shack we take your fear seriously.

Featuring 3  terrifying attractions

Return To Rotwood


After The Town Of Rotwood was consumed by The Evil that Rose from the Hag Mines, A Preacher was brought to town to “Save” The Lost Souls that remained. Do you Dare to be Saved?!?

Site 13


Government Investigators have been brought in after numerous reports of Large Bright Lights hovering over the town Dump (Site 13). Could it be UFOs ? Could it be Outgassing From the Dump? Could it be Folks from The Town of Severed Drink Too Much??



A local Scientist From Severed Township claims to have found a time portal Deep in the Canadian Shield. He has brought back things AND People that have only been seen in History Books.. And Some things that have NEVER been seen Until now!



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Experience our three Terrifiying Attractions




The Suffering


Camp Gunnagetya